Ballet Recital and First Communion

Welcome back to updates on our family life. Some of you may be new and some of you have heard all the stories past. I’m not necessarily an author-worthy writer but I’ve always kept some sort of journal to share my thoughts, worries, and stories. It’s been a few years since I stopped blogging and I figured my stories are worth being shared again.

For those of you far away, I thought an update on my two oldest was a great place to start. These past few weeks we had Gretchen’s ballet recital and Charlotte’s First Communion. We will start with my second child, Gretchen (6yo).

IMG_5989Gretchen is such a loving girl and has such a natural grace and strength about her. This is her second year taking ballet and tap at a local ballet school. She steals the show on stage with her long presence. We just love watching her prance and leap on stage. I can always tell that she gets fulfilled by taking these classes. This is my child that needs extra reassurance that she is beautiful and is loved. She really needs to be told over and over that she is precious and talented. She carries way too much self-doubt and I’m not sure why. I try so hard to empower my girls and make sure they are confident in their own skin. I think this is just part of her personality and I have to work hard to make sure I never squash her emotions.

IMG_6035 Charlotte is in second grade and just finished her First Communion in the Catholic church. Growing up Lutheran I never, NEVER thought I’d have a little girl dressed in white, walking down the isle to accept Christ. I became a Catholic 10 years ago when I got married. At that point I realized that Catholicism was the missing thing in my life. I needed a religion I could lean on and always trust. I’ve taken many, many religious classes in college and although I knew I was definitely a Christian, I had a hard time identifying with any specific denomination.

Watching Charlotte receive Christ was breathtaking as a parent. She thanked me numerous times for raising her as a Catholic Christian. (She also attends a private Catholic school.) Charlotte was touched by God and certainly felt his presence that day. I know in my heart the decision to become Catholic was a good one and it sure showed when she had the body and blood of Christ. This kid is respectful and kind. She loves God and her neighbor. We are so thankful for the community and church we found to raise the girls in.

On her special day she was joined by lots of loving family and friends. It was a really awesome thing to be a part of– her journey with Christ.

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