Life Changing Skincare

signature productsMy story about launching my own skincare business isn’t a pretty one. This was never something I searched for, rather it is something that kept presenting itself to me and I realized that I needed to grab it and run.

After having three daughters my body and hormones were out of whack. I know all of you can relate! The ways our bodies change is outstanding (and awful). By the time Elsa was born my acne was at its height. I’m talking way worse than I ever remember it being in high school or college. A friend of mine kept telling me about this acne regimen and I kindly told her I wasn’t interested. But I kept seeing her information about the products and realized that my skin wasn’t getting any better and I had better give Rodan + Fields a try. The products all come with a 60-day return policy so I knew I was covered if it didn’t work out.

what ifTo my surprise, after two months of product usage, my acne cleared up for good! I have been acne free for three years. Sure I get an occasional zit but it’s nothing like it was. I’ve stopped wearing foundation and my skin is so much healthier because it can breathe. I knew these products were incredible and decided to join my friend in business and share these products and this business model with others.

So here I sit today with a successful team of women from many different backgrounds. Some work, some stay home, and some work part-time. But we all have one thing in common, we want to help all those with skincare issues and work at living a life we love.

More product information and pricing can be found at my skincare website here.