Hi, I’m Erika. I am born and raised in the Midwest and proud to live here. My family and I live on a few acres in a quiet neighborhood. We have three girls and two golden retrievers. Life is crazy but we are growing, learning, and loving this journey together. We live what we love.

IMG_5278My journey to now hasn’t been a straight path. My past never had a clear direction. With a family history in entrepreneurship it seems I was destined to live my own life the way I’ve designed it. I worked for the family business in geriatric care management for almost eight years. Then I started working as a consultant for a Wisconsin Medicaid program. From there I started my own quilting business and also started selling premium skincare. My passions have never changed. Becoming my own boss has always been on the horizon.

I find inspiration in my girls. Finding the challenges in each day drives me to be a better person and work harder. I see glimpses of financial freedom and I want that for my family. Having my own skincare business has put me on the path to providing for myself and for my family while still having the opportunity to stay at home with the girls. I can’t imagine not being with them each day. We have so many adventures together and it benefits my family to have me home each day.

My goals each day are to be a positive role model for my children and to living a loving life and giving back when I can. My life wouldn’t exist without the amazing friend network and family that I have. I am truly blessed and work hard to thank the Lord each day.