Stronger, Smarter, and Faster Skincare

This past weekend I was in Texas hill country to celebrate the launch of three new products with the skincare brand I work with. It was incredible to see these innovations hit the market. We are truly moving the skincare industry forward.

template (1)The biggest new product was a twist on retinol. Our Intensive Renewing Serum is powered by Retinal, a next generation Vitamin A that is one step closer to prescription-level Vitamin A. With 20 times the potency of Retinol, Intensive Renewing Serum offers faster, more dramatic results starting as early as 4 weeks. It features R+F’s proprietary Retinal-MDTM Technology that is engineered with a Calcium buffer system to extend and control the release of the powerful ingredients to help reduce the potential for irritation. This unique delivery makes Intensive Renewing Serum compatible with all R+F Regimens and gentle enough for everyday use for nearly ever skin type.

The weekend was focused on our team and learning from each other, they different ways we do business and interact with our customers. It’s great when I get the chance to really listen to what other women are doing, it’s empowering! We all work so hard and in today’s world, everything feels like a competition. But even though we are all technically competing for sales, we still have the ability to step back and support one another. I love working with all these women each day. It was a super work-cation.

IMG_3469Work Hard, Play Hard

I earned a free night out for working so hard. We had dinner at a lovely steak house in Boerne, TX called Peggy’s On The Green. My dinner was delicious and I had the chance to try some local favorites. I highly suggest this place if you are in the area!