It’s a Love for the Fair

We sure do know how to live it up in summer– it’s one fun thing to another. These kids don’t know how lucky they are to have a parent at home that keeps them busy each and every day. I do my best to remind them, but parenting is hard.

This past weekend we had our County Fair and our State Fair. Of course, these spoiled kids got the best of both fairs. We lucked out with 65 degrees the day of the State Fair. It’s so hard being there in 95 degrees and hot kids, walking from barn to barn and slurping down $10 lemonades.

We didn’t make it to State Fair last year so Elsa didn’t remember ever being there, Gretchen barely remembered. Well, we sure made up for it! The girls rode ponies, saw pig races, ate as many cheese curds as they could, saw the huge Clydesdale horses, saw baby chickens hatching, had a cream puff, went down the GIANT slide, cheeseburgers, chicken wings, and got a souvenir thanks to G’ma. It really was a fun day!

The first day we went to the County Fair nothing was open so we had to go back with Dad. The girls are finally brave enough and tall enough to go on some larger rides. They each went on a handful of fair rides, including bumper cars, and also played a game to bring home one of those ever-so-cheap stuffed animals. We saw more animals and monster trucks. That evening we even took them to Slinger Speedway to see real race cars.

To say these kids live the good life sure is an understatement. Trust me, I say no plenty! But sometimes it’s just nice to give them a fun weekend, spoiling them a little. They still have summer chores and have to use their own money to buy ice cream at the pool. Gretchen is still doing summer tutoring and Charlotte is playing the piano each week. We only have two weeks left of summer and plan to keep on living large. #livewhatyoulove

I’m blessed to be able to give them this fun little summer.

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