Wildlife Zoo With the Kids

As a stay at home mom I have to organize our week like it’s nobody’s business. Some days we stay home but it’s pretty rare. These kids need to be on-the-move and busy, but not in an “I”ll entertain you” kind of way.

In West Bend there is a fabulous wildlife center called Shalom Wildlife Zoo. I had heard so many wonderful things about it but just never made it there. We had some mild weather so I text my girlfriends and sure enough, they needed something to do with the kids too. We all headed up there for a zoo trip and lunch.

The zoo is three miles of gravel road where you walk and see herds of bison, deer, elk, wild sheep, along with wolves, cougar, bear, zebra, camel and much more in large natural environments. The environments they lived in were amazing! We’re talking HUGE wooded areas where the deer practically live wild. However, with treats you can buy for the animals from the gift shop, these animals were no stranger to the kids and ended up being fairly tame. They would walk up to the fence and the kids fed most of the animals, some cases, petting them too.

My favorite was seeing this elk. Now I understand why Kevin wants to head out west for a hunting trip so bad, although I didn’t get the same feeling about wanting to hunt them. The only word to describe these elk is magnificent. They were so big and very slow and graceful in their movement. All the deer and elk had the fuzz on their antlers yet and I felt the antlers on the elk. It was actually softer than velvet, much softer and plush that I ever imagined. Here are the kids feeding one of the males.

If you are in the area and have never made it up to West Bend, please check out this zoo. There are golf carts to rent if you can’t walk the three miles (but IMO the carts were very annoying to those of us walking).


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